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Thread: PHP Soft Upgrade on our Linux Shared Hosting Servers

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    PHP Soft Upgrade on our Linux Shared Hosting Servers

    Dear Customer,
    This is to inform you that the server where your <> is hosted will be undergoing maintenance as per the schedule and reason mentioned below.

    Maintenance Window:

    Server Impacted:-


    We upgrade the PHP version of a domain to the highest version and test the website's functionality. If the website works with the higher version, we retain the PHP version. In case the website is not working, we downgrade the PHP version. We repeat this process until the site works properly

    Start Time:2022-07-26 8pm IST
    End Time:2022-07-27 12:30am PM IST

    What needs to be done

    • Kindly contact your web developer and modify your website code such that it works with the latest PHP version
    • Kindly ignore this message if your websites are already running on PHP 8 or above.
    • Please get in touch with our Support team if you have any questions.
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