Hello Customers,

Our order provisioning layer for Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated / Managed Server will be undergoing a maintenance to complete an important upgrade.

Maintenance Window:

Sunday, 10th September 2017.

Start time:
10:30 AM IST

30 minutes

All functions which require write access will be down during the maintenance. All read-only methods will be available during the course of the maintenance.

Affected Services:

For all the aforementioned products, Order Addition, Modification, Deletion, Suspension/Unsuspension and Addition/Deletion of Add Ons will be stuck for the duration of the maintenance and will be processed once the activity is completed.

In case of VPS and Dedicated/Managed servers, given the management layer will be unavailable during the maintenance, all actions performed via the Server Administration Panel will not work during the maintenance window as well.