We work with the best cannabis breeders to create seeds that are consistent with their specific strains.

Our cannabis seed company is on a mission to create and distribute the finest cannabis genetics on the planet. Our team of seed breeders has been carefully hand selecting and hand breeding top-shelf seed strains to meet the demands of our customers.

We use stickyseeds high yielding cannabis seeds to breed seeds that yield the most beautiful, fluffy, fragrant and THC/CBD strains on the market today.

We pride ourselves on producing top quality seed for every stage of the cannabis plant. From Seedling, to Cannabis Bundle and finally to our full flowering, our premium seed lines meet all the requirements and we stand behind them!

Purchasing Marijuana Seeds From US Seeds

Our Seed Library contains over 200 different cannabis seed varieties and you can order any of them, single plant, multiple plants or a set of seeds for your growing needs.

When we ordered our first batch of seeds, we never dreamed that we would be selling cannabis seeds to so many people. Today, cannabis seeds are something many people want to know more about and they are eager to learn about the amazing culture of cannabis seeds.