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Don't like being restricted by your browser? No problem. With RivalSearch for Chrome extension, you can search the web and even run searches without installing anything.
You can find all the code that exists on any webpage with Development Technologies. The extension works in Internet Explorer and Firefox as well.
It does not search C/C++ or PHP but does search for Javascript and CSS. It is also compatible with all text in website URLs.
You can even search for a directory of websites. You can check every website directory with Visual Website Explorer (VDI).

Find out where you want to go. Zoom out to the very top, bottom, or right of the page. Zoom in to browse only those websites.
Visually search the code. Scroll through each layer of code, scanning the text.
Find syntax errors or undefined conditions.WhHw
Find keywords that are misspelled, unique, or have multiple meanings.

Find parts of codes that repeat. Find out exactly what information you are looking for.
Type in a simple keyword like Javascript, open up RivalSearch, and type any keyword you wish; it will quickly find the website with code of the keyword. Search for long strings of characters; I mean really long strings of characters. Search for all links to the same website.

lead generation companies

In July 2015, Biz2Credit analyzed more than 60 of the top 100 referral networks in the US and found that referral networks on the top of the list drove more than six times more leads than those at the bottom of the list. In late 2014, Network Marketing Expert Dan Margulies published an article showing that referrals are the key to high average lead generation by Michael Bennett and Ben Wawro, along with Adscend Media's Chris Gardner. The article also showed how to compare referral networks by comparing gross revenue numbers and customer acquisition costs. When compared to other referral networks in the industry, Adscend Media has a lower acquisition cost and an average conversion rate of 21%. New customer acquisition costs for Adscend Media are based on average commission rates and the churn rate, calculated by dividing the customer's lifetime value by the average number of referrals made to that customer.

Costs for Aptitude Marketing, DNA Marketing, Franchise Edge, Global Org, and LCTL all exclude marketing, which increases costs.

  • Performance Marketing scores involve many questions.
  • How many referrals?
  • How fast?
  • What volume?
  • Which customers?
  • Profitability?

In most cases, less than 40 percent of the revenue goes to referral providers.
Create your own interface by combining three of these tools to find out everything on the web. You can even search for single files.
This is a powerful tool for researching and studying code.
You'll find syntax errors, variable names that you do not know, and all the different ways you could code it, all with the click of a button.
You can even search for a specific module, using an automatic filter.

Find and recognize keywords.
Find out which code is conditional.
You can find information and instructions in which modules are provided.
Do you know what the difference between a variable, a constant, a variable declaration, and a declaration is? You can find that information in a couple of clicks!
RivalSearch's results are ranked by popularity, so you know which results are the most popular.