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    Dedicated Server Migration FAQs

    What is getting migrated?

    We are migrating your Dedicated Server to our new data center in Mumbai. The new data center is called GPX, and it is India’s first Up time Institute Certified Tier-4 data center. Your package will be migrated to the latest enterprise grade Dell servers, and your website will become much faster as a result of this migration.

    You can find out more about new data center (GPX) here - and here -

    What is the purpose of this migration?

    We are migrating so that our customers experience better and faster services. You will have upgraded hardware, better support and many more features.

    Any chances of losing my data?

    No. There will be no data loss during migration.

    Is there any downtime?

    During the maintenance window, there will be a small downtime (depending on the size of your website) so that we can transfer your data to the new server.

    We would send out detailed mail with the downtime details, before we carry out the migration.

    Will My IPs Change?

    No. The IP’s will remain same.

    Will my Server settings and configurations change ?

    No. There will no change in your server settings or configurations

    Will the software installed in my server get impacted ?

    No. There will no changes in the software that you have installed. We would migrate your server as it is to our new Data Center.
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