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Thread: 02/07/15 03:30 :: gibo4-gibo18 :: Scheduled Reboot

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    02/07/15 03:30 :: gibo4-gibo18 :: Scheduled Reboot

    The following servers are schedule to come down at the time above for reboot of the server for updates required. We do not have any ETA on this, however downtime should be minimal for standard reboot. We will update this post when we begin.

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    At this time we are bginning the reboot of the servers. Please stand by and we will update this post as we proceed.

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    To update, we have rebooted gibo4-10. We are rebooting gibo11 at this time. Please stand by.

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    At this time the reboots are complete, please submit a normal support request if you have any further issues. We thank you for your patience in this matter.

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