They haven’t shot a single picture of their own, yet still have thousands of followers on Instagram. If you have an idea how to steal your users’ hearts, you don’t need to create your own content.

Instagram is a place where apart from watching selfies, you can enjoy pictures of food and incredible views. But to discover the beauty of this application, you need to go deeper. Users often have a genuine passion for photography and they provide very valuable content that doesn’t get popular by itself. If you have an idea how to build your account with content from other users, you can be successful on Instagram too.


The profile @beautifuldestinations collects mesmerising, unique photographs from around the world. Dominated by bright colors, breathtaking views – you can admire an exotic sunset over the bay, the most amazing bridges in various cities, or views from hikes that photographers take just to capture the peaks of mountains the best they can. Beautiful Destinations gathered over 5 million followers! Without actually creating a single photo!

What company is behind Beautiful Destinations? It’s not hard to guess: the owner of this account is responsible for campaigns on popular social media sites . They build commitment and create content strategies. As you can see – anything is possible.

It is not just Beautiful Destinations. There are also feeds devoted to beautiful hotels, lifestyle or cuisines. All gather hundreds of thousands of followers, who watch the best works gathered in one gallery.


Profile @artystycznapodroz is one of the largest collections of Polish photography art – it currently has more than 9,5 thousand followers. It is run by Ergo Hestia Group which offers life insurance. On the profile you can find aesthetic, beautiful and valuable photographs, made by Polish users of Instagram. And they promote it in a simple way – by reposting the best pictures with the hashtag #artystycznapodroz. The account administrator speaks directly to the photographers, and asks them for permission to use their photos. Then publishes them along with their signatures. It is worth noticing that all the photos on the "Artistic Journey" are consistent, despite the fact that photographs are taken by different people.

The second way to acquire content is to involve ambassadors with your account. "Artistic Journey" gives their columns every week to various photographers, whose role is to be a curator of Instagram art. Ambassadors choose the best photos for the gallery, signed with the author’s nickname. A curator can sign their name as well. It is a win-win situation. A brand which supports young photographers is getting fresh photos and the photographers are reaching a larger audience with their works.

A consistently engaging profile on Instagram is difficult to achieve. You need to know the style you’ll present on your account from the very beginning. Reposting and promoting other users’ work is a great method.


From our point of view – it is worth investing some effort into mastering Instagram, because it is a useful tool that allow you to build an audience. Above are just a few examples which prove that you do not need to produce your own content to engage with the Instagram community.

If you invest your time, you can gain thousands of followers on Instagram for your content each day. Try to combine your account with other social networks to give yourself more possibilities of advertising. Don’t be pushy, be smart!

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