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  1. Feedback regarding call to hostgator executive dated August 4 , 2015

    I would like to give feedback regarding call to hostgator executive dated August 4, 2014 named Deekshith.C

    The executive helped with setting of gmail access settings in osticket client. Although...
  2. Please mention clearly details of service provided like IP logs etc.

    Dear Hostgator,

    Please provide on your website details of services you provide like IP logs, backup etc.

    Even customer care does not know whether detailed IP logs are provided or not and how...
  3. Replies

    Automatic Renewal option

    Dear Managers / Admins of Hostgator,

    The western counterpart of this site, has facility that customers have option to set the renewal process to be renewed every month or so with...
  4. Thanks for the very late membership activation, Mr. Moderator

    I had applied for membership of this forum on May 4 and got intimation that my account will be activated and I will be allowed to post soon. But it took about a month for the same to happen and that...
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