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Smoking herbs is very common, in fact, if you are reading this piece of writing, you must be either getting ready to start smoking or already smoke. In either way, you already know that it is interesting as hell! When it comes to smoke, the bong is something that pops in the mind. Those long glass pipers are literally the best things ever right? We can hear cheers from all the bong lovers. However, there is something in the market that is stealing all the limelight these days and that is known as the dab rig. How can we say this? They are just AWESOME! It hasnít been a long time of them being in the market but still, they are winning the heart of people.
It doesnít matter if you are in the team bong, deep inside you also know that dab rigs are something that are must-have objects for every smoke lover. For those who are newbies, there must be a lot of confusion going on between bongs and dab rigs. Since we know this, we decided to take the matter in our own hands and thatís why we are about to tell you some of the most important and noticeable differences between both of them. So let us go without waiting for anything, shall we?
The first thing that is obvious is the size. The size of dab rigs is small as compared to the bong and this takes a lot of credits. People are liking dab rigs because they are small in size and they are getting some really cool advantages. The first and the most impressive thing about them is that you can keep them anywhere.
These small pieces of glass craft can fit in any place and thatís why they are perfect for those who travel. Since they are compact, you can keep them in your bag and they wonít take much space so why not have them? There are some people who also say that the effect of wax or concentrates from the dab rigs is much more than that of the herbs from the bong. This is one of the reasons people are loving dab rigs. They are able to get amazing results from these small things.
These were some of the things that you should know. We have something else to tell you and it is something really impressive thatís why we saved it for the end. The prices of dab rigs are just amazing. Can you imagine that you can get dab rigs under $100? We know right? This sounds crazy but it is true that dab rigs are highly affordable and you can get a good quality of dab rigs at affordable prices. However, you should get the best website or offline store to buy dab rigs. We would highly suggest going for the option of an online one because there are a lot of websites that you can go for which means there are plenty of options for you and this will help you come across the best one.


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