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LSD is a synthetic hallucinogen that is extremely strong with its effects. the results of this drug is visual hallucinations and can also switch a person's mood emotions of perceptions. It has no medical purpose and is very harmful to humans, many places don't legalize this drug. Even if you order LSD from as good dealer as
Lizard labs
, it will still end up harming the health.
This is so harmful that it can damage the body. We have various physical as we as mental problems that could be lethal. If a person is a chronic LSD user he/she is at the highest risk of damaging his/her health condition. It can affect a person to such an extent that even after he/she quits LSD, its effect will still haunt the user after months or maybe years.
How LSD is abused

LSD is also known as acid which is a white or clear crystal. It is mostly sold on streets in the form of a tablet or capsule. this drug doesn't have any odor and can be crushed into a power form after which it is dried on a gelatin sheet. once dried, it is added to sugar cubes or can also be dissolved in water.
In powdered form, it is inhaled through the nose and in liquid form, it is injected in the body. There is another way of taking LSD in powdered form and that by compacting it into small balls called microdots.

If someone doesn't want to inject LSD, there is another option to consume it. LSD is transferred onto Blotter which is an absorbent sheet. It is then divided into tabs and those tabs are small single-dost squares. Each one contains 20 to 80 micrograms of LSD which can be swallowed or chewed.
Who abuses LSD?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2016, young adults abuse LSD the most when compared to any other age demographics. The report also found that nearly 209000 people age 18-25 were active users of LSD in 2016.
This drug is most commonly used in dance clubs, events like music festivals and rave parties. in fact, the use of this drug is not just limited to young adults, teens are also becoming the victim of LSD abuse.
Is LSD addictive?

This drug doesn't cause any type of physical craving or compulsive drug-seeking behavior hence it is not addictive. But people can develop a high tolerance with the frequent use of this drug. This means they would need higher doses than before to get high.
Even though a user doesn't get physically addicted, he/she can become psychologically dependent on this drug. Some people use LSD repeatedly and often experience its effect and some of the people wait for some duration before taking its dose.
Symptoms of LSD abuse

The effects of LSD are not fixed for all. Some people like to be in a high it give while others get a terrifying feeling of fear. The effect of this drug can last up to 12 hours but the drug stays in our system for nearly five days


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