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A dab rig is a water piper that is made especially to used with oils or wax concentrates though the process known as dabbing. The reason this process is called dabbing is that you dab your concentrates onto a dab nail which is heated. Many people get confused between a dab rig and a bong. We would like to clear this confusion by telling that there are not many differences between both, a dab rig can be used as a bong and a bong can be used as a dab rig. Many websites with bongs for sale also sells dab rigs.

Since the explosion of concentrates is hitting the market, dab rigs have gained a lot of popularity in recent months. To dab the concentrates, you can use any water pipe but I order to get the most from it you would require the right dab rig for the job.
For a beginner, it is important to know about dab rigs thatís why we are here to share some of the important information about this topic.
A few benefits of using a dag rig:

The best benefit of dab rig is that it produces vapors rather than smoke which can be very harmful to us.
Donít expect a small dab rig to perform according to its size. Ever the smallest one can produce a lot and lots of vapor.
If you want to experience the best flavor of the concentrates, then go for the option of a dab rig
The vapor tastes better through dab rig when compared to any other water pipe and the smoke is also odor-free.
The flavor that comes from traditional herbs and wax varies a lot. both the taste is amazing but mixing both of them is not a good option. Good quality of concentrate comes with high prices and if you are investing in it then don't intentionally ruin the experience and use dabbing the only piece.

What to look for while buying a dab?

Donít simply go to the store and buy any random dab rig. There are certain elements that you should be aware of.
The piece should be of the right size so that you hold it in one hand comfortably. In case you like to travel, then the size is smaller.
Makes sure it is durable and also thick enough to upgrade with some cool and new accessories so that you can use it for years to come
If you are shopping online then it is important to select the best and a well-reputed online store that has positive reviews. if the online store has good service then go for it.

Dab rigs come in many different colors, styles, themes, etc. You should select the dab rig which goes with your personality. If you are a biker then go for a dark color dab rig.

One question that you ask is does it come with a dab nail? If the answer is no then to visit some other online store where there are dab rigs for sale as many of them offer dab nail along with the purchase.
These were some of the important things that you should know. So next when you will go out to buy dag rigs you know which points you are supposed to focus on.


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