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When scanning websites for vulnerabilities we need to make sure that we choose the best software since one small mistake can lead to the shutting down of the whole web application. Arachni is one of the best software’s out there to scan for vulnerabilities in websites (or web applications depending on the project you are working on). Arachni is full of different features, high performance Ruby base framework which helps users test their web applications or websites using penetration testing and evaluate other aspects of the security. The most amazing thing to know about Arachni is that it is an open source free software which can be used by anyone or any organization.

Working on almost every major platform like Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux repositories like ubuntu, kali, and many more and this makes it even more useful and compatible for people to work with. It is simple to use and can scan a global high-performance grid of scanners while also performing scans ranging from a simple command-line scanner utility. Also, it can scan a Ruby library allowing for scripted audits and scan a multi-user web application or website multiple times while looking for the servers’ OS platform at the same time.

Scanning each port deliberately makes the scans more thorough and enhances the chances of catching places of vulnerabilities during those scans. The browser support is added for various languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and AJAX while scanning for those vulnerabilities. You can Scan multiple times using Arachni and when there are different web services running on a single host then different scans for each application or webpage will be launched and they will be handled simultaneously. Kali Linux (most commonly used for penetration testing since it has all the tools pre-installed in the system files) does not have Arachni from default and you have to install it using the command line “#apt-get install arachni”.

One of the best ways to check for lingering problems is to scan for SQL injection vulnerabilities which can be done using the Arachni (it scans for it by default and does other scans too). It also does scan for remote file inclusion and Reflected XSS. After all the scans are done you will see a list of the scans done (and if there were multiple scans they all will be shown
separately) and accuracy of those scans will be shown alongside them which can help you check what is the weak point and then later you can edit and write better code for that particular part. Multiple scans help us see problems with the applications by diagnosing each and every part and showing the results differently so that we can differentiate what to change and where to change.

Also, one thing we should always do while scanning is backup all the files first and then scan since any errors during the scan can result in crippling the security more or corrupting the files.


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